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Feeling Stuck? Get Your Energy Flowing
Jen Fedorowicz

I was on the phone with customer service the other day and the woman asked me what the “energy” meant in my contact information, saying, “What’s that, a solar panel business?!” 

When I replied, “No, it’s actually energy coaching,” she said, “I think I need to check that out.”

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Whether we are aware of it or not, we live in an energetic universe and everything is energy.

Science has shown that we are energetic beings, and the energy of our bodies as well as the energy of the Universe is in constant motion. It’s what Einstein’s famous equation E=MC² is all about. Before Einstein’s theory, science saw things that were solid mass as separate from energy. But we now know that everything is energy and energy is meant to be moving.

What’s this have to do with you? Well, in the past weeks I’ve been working with many people who say they feel stuck. Life isn’t happening the way they had hoped, or they’re living in a constant loop of thought in their head.

What I know is that every story in our lives has an energetic component beneath it. When we try to change those stories, it can feel difficult and often resistant. Working on the story level often takes time and can become frustrating. But when we work on the energy level, things start to move and changes happen much more quickly. 

If you’ve been feeling stuck, try moving. Get up, take a walk, put on some music you love and dance, or just bounce and shake your body. When energy is moving through your body, energy moves through your life more easily. And one thing that’s meant to be constantly moving through us is our breath. Throughout your day, especially when you are really in your head, stop and notice your breath. Take a few really deep breaths and feel the energy begin to move differently through your body. You have the power to master your energy, much more than you may have been taught. 

If you’re feeling stuck, energy coaching is something you should to check out. Schedule a consultation to learn how we’ve helped many tap into their energetic being and healed what needed healing. 

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September Thriving Magazine • Issue 15

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