The Benefits of Direct Access Physical Therapy

December 14, 2020

Are you or a loved one dealing with pain? Or maybe you’re a “weekend warrior” who pushed it a little too far? Or how about aches and pains from running? Maybe you’re dealing with muscle tension and loss of function from a physically demanding job? Or maybe you have persistent pain that has been around so long you can’t remember how it started?

Did you know that a physical therapist can help you with all of these issues? And did you know you can often access your physical therapist directly without a referral or prescription from your physician?

That’s right! Cut out the doctor’s visits, co-pays, and wait times!

At Thrive Proactive Health, you can directly schedule an appointment with one of our skilled physical therapists to evaluate your aches, pains, and loss of function. We will work with you to develop a plan to Restore, Revive, and Optimize your life to get you back to doing all the things you love. Most times there is no need to see your physician first as our physical therapists will screen you for any medical issues, and refer you to your physician for any condition that is beyond what we can treat. 

Our goals are to deliver the highest quality and valuable care that is right for you, getting you that care as quickly as possible, and eliminating any extra expenses for you. 

Direct access physical therapy saves you money, about 50% in treatment for low back pain alone. It also prevents the need for further healthcare, like medications, imaging, injections, and surgery. Many traditional medical treatments for pain only mask your symptoms. The physical therapists at Thrive treat your pain directly by finding the source and developing an individualized plan to address the cause.

Physical therapy is also very safe. It has been found to be as effective or better than surgery at managing knee osteoarthritis and meniscal tears, rotator cuff tears, and low back pain. Plus there is no worry about side effects, including the risk of infection associated with surgery. 

Choose physical therapy first for your aches and pains, injuries, and loss of function. Choose quicker access to the care you need. Choose less cost and reduce the need for other healthcare services. Choose better outcomes and higher satisfaction. 

Choose direct access physical therapy with Thrive Proactive Health!

Through the month of December we are offering FREE consults! Call today (757-416-6700) and schedule a FREE consult with one of our skilled physical therapists to see if physical therapy is the right care for you to Restore, Revive, and Optimize your life. 




Direct Access Pricing:


60 MIN AT $129
Full service assessment and intervention.


30 MIN AT $89
Express follow-up service assessment and intervention.


60 MIN AT $129
Full service assessment and intervention.


90 MIN AT $159
Upgraded full service assessment and intervention. Customized to include physical therapy combined with manual therapy and bodywork.

*May include specialties such as Graston Technique®, dry needling, and more.


30 MIN AT $89

Memberships and packages also available with discounted rate!

Call us for more info and to schedule an appointment! (757)416-6700