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Mental Performance Coaching

for those looking to build resilience, improve focus, and develop healthy confidence in sports, performance domains, and every-day life​

Sport & Performance Psychology

Think of sport and performance psychology like going to the gym for your mind. Just like your body needs physical and skill-focused training, your mind needs training to navigate performance. This opens up the ability to adapt to adversity, refocus attention, and find purpose in your process.

Mental performance training uses the science of Sport and Performance Psychology, a robust field with over 30 years of research and application. This kind of training is used by Olympic athletes, professional sport organizations, and elite college athletics. 

Why Train for Mental Performance?

Benefits range from improved performance, improved interpersonal dynamics, healthy confidence, enhanced self-awareness, commitment to intrinsic motivations, and an overall expansion of life skills. We create a individualized plan that is tailored to your goals, and targets the mental skills most impactful to your performance domain.

Who can benefit from Mental Performance Coaching?

  • Athletes / Collegiate Athletes
  • Aspiring Collegiate Athletes
  • Fitness Competitors
  • Coaches
  • Athletic Teams
  • Injured Exercisers
  • Competitive Organizations
  • Military Personnel
  • Law Enforcement
  • Business Executives
  • High-Level Employees
  • Entertainers
  • Busy ‘Super’ Moms
  • Performing Arts

How We Train for Mental Performance

Find Clarity

Knowing why we show up is key to motivation and building confidence. We identify values and set goals for our work and your aspirations.

Discover Obstacles & Strengths

Exploring obstacles, understanding strengths, and cultivating self awareness become the foundation of building mental skills.

Build Mental Skills

This is where we work to expand your mental skillset to promote resilience, focus, and adaptability to performance challenges.

Mental Recovery

We can nourish our minds and nervous systems by being intentional on how we recover. This includes gratitude and mindful practices.

Consistency & Automation

Mental performance needs to be repeatable and at times automatic. Over time, these skills become habit and transform your experiences.

Mental Performance Coaching Services

Available only at Thrive’s Virginia Beach Market Square location.
20% discount offered to military, first responders and healthcare workers for all cash-based services. 

~~~ Ask About Our Membership Plans & Packages ~~~

Membership Plans and Packages offer our services at reduced rates and allow for additional discounts.

Mental Performance Coaching at Thrive Proactive Health

Individual Coaching

Common Mental Skills: Confidence • Attention & Focus • Actionable Goal Setting • Self-talk Strategies • Values and Understanding Your “Why” • Working with Performance Anxiety • Relaxation Techniques • Mindset Optimization • Visualization • Pre-Performance Routines

  • Initial Consultation: 15 minutes FREE
  • First Full Session: 50-60 minutes $129
  • Follow-up Session, Full 60 minutes $99
  • Follow-up Session, Tune-up 30 minutes $59

Individual sport psychology sessions include a free 15 min consultation, an intake, and a tailored program to help you meet your goals. This program includes impactful mental skills training based on identified goals, values, strengths, and growth areas. Often these sessions result in personal growth both in sport and outside of sport. Sessions typically last around 50 minutes but can be shortened to 30 minutes to fit your needs.

Ready to get started? Please use the chat feature or call to schedule your Free Consultation: (757) 364-0067
Mental Performance Coaching at Thrive Proactive Health

Immersion Package

Monthly Package $295/month

Thrive’s Immersion Package allows the mental performance coach to dive deeper into your performance experiences. Package benefits include:

  • Allows for more consistent and impactful communication with your mental performance coach. This means access via voice messages and text to check on progress and troubleshoot any barriers that come up daily.
  • Our mental performance coach will immerse themselves in your sporting or performing environment. For example, meeting you at your practice or attending games and matches.
  • Access more resources tailored specifically your needs. For example, receive customized mindfulness exercises or visualizations.
Ready to get started? Please use the chat feature or call to schedule your Free Consultation: (757) 364-0067
Mental Performance Coaching at Thrive Proactive Health

Team Coaching

Common Skills Training: Team Cohesion • Leadership Development • Team-based Refocusing Techniques • Values Identification • Individual Mental Skills Practice • Communication Techniques • Pre-performance Routines

Team sport psychology sessions are great opportunities for teams to build cohesion, gain an understanding of core psychological skills, and find methods to thrive during difficult challenges. We offer workshop style sessions that cover the basics of sport and performance psychology as well as more detailed sessions that are unique to your team’s goals and growth areas. Call to discuss your team needs.

Ready to get started? Please use the chat feature or call to schedule your Free Consultation: (757) 364-0067
Mental Performance Coaching at Thrive Proactive Health

Performance Psychology Coaching

We are all performing in our daily lives whether you are an athlete, musician, or business person. We also offer sessions to those outside of the sport realm. Our mental performance coach is trained to work with performers such as musicians or dancers. These are offered as individual sessions that include a consultation, intake, and tailored program to fit your needs. Call to set up your initial consultation.

Ready to get started? Please use the chat feature or call to schedule your Free Consultation: (757) 364-0067

Frequently Asked Questions
About Mental Performance Coaching and Sports Psychology

What is sport and performance psychology?

Sport and performance psychology is a robust science that has been developed over decades of research and applied practice. According to the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, our work focuses on “providing every performer the resources to power their inner edge by strengthening the ability to perform, as well as the ability to thrive. By researching, training, and serving performers’ comprehensive mental needs, we elevate their performance and well-being so they can realize their greatest potential.” MORE INFO

What is the intake for mental performance coaching?

Studies show that one of the most important factors of success in sport and performance psychology is the rapport between the client and mental performance coach. The intake is the process of understanding your history, strengths, obstacles, goals, presenting concerns, and much more. Think of this as a collaborative process where I learn about you, you learn about me, and we work together to identify your goals. This informs our work together and is the blueprint for a successful relationship.

What happens during a mental performance coaching session?

Sessions vary from client to client, but a session usually starts with an exercise to train a mental skill that has been identified as impactful. For example, we might partake in a 5-10 min exercise to train focus and attention. We then move into barriers for the goals that we have identified. For example, maybe we are working on performance anxiety and need to create a pre-performance routine. We will brainstorm together to create that plan and test it out.

Why should I choose the Immersion Package?

Just like training for speed or strength, progress takes time. Training the mental side is the same and we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions for progress to start. Our 6 and 9 session packages ensure a comprehensive and impactful service offering at a reduction in per-session cost.