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Vacation Ready? How to Stay on Course When Traveling
Michelle Hilliard

Let’s talk about travel preparation. Most of the snacks and meals in the airport are for convenience, not wellness. In fact, they are usually processed foods filled with additives, sugar, and have little nutritional value. As a mother of two, I always come prepared for myself and my kids to help us through a busy travel day. I also come prepared with things to keep busy, because snacking often happens when we’re bored. If you fill the travel time with something productive, you’ll be less likely to grab an unnecessary snack. On your next trip, come prepared and ready, and start your vacation feeling your best.

Lifestyle Medicine Monthly Challenge

My most important rule when traveling is to enjoy it.

While I am traveling, I do my best not to fall off course from my most important daily habits…

  • I keep my Hydro Flask® close, so I am always staying hydrated.
  • I start my days with a protein-filled breakfast to make me feel satisfied, filled and fueled throughout the day.
  • I also try my best to do some form of physical activity on my trip; this may come in the form of a walk around an amusement park, a swim in the hotel pool, a walk on the beach, a quick bodyweight workout in my hotel room, or if I have extra time, a workout in the hotel gym.

If I know I am going to have a few cocktails on vacation, I make sure I stay hydrated in between drinks. I alternate cocktail, then water, so I don’t dehydrate myself. I try to stick with clear, pure liquors and avoid sugary mixtures to help avoid a hangover, and minimize the overload on the liver. You can squeeze some citrus into the drink to add a bit more flavor without the extra sugar from soda or mixers.

My most important rule when traveling is to enjoy it, and not beat myself up if I don’t get to do one of my daily rituals. Enjoy your vacation, have fun, and plan ahead so you can stay on course and continue to move forward with your lifestyle goals and feeling your best.

What you’ll find in my carry-on bag…

  • Nut packs
  • Grass-fed beef sticks or jerky
  • Olive packs
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Cut veggies with a hummus packet
  • Cut apples with nut-butter packs
  • Electrolyte packets such as Ultima or LMNT
  • Protein powder and blender bottle
  • Hydro Flask® to fill with water after getting through security
  • Books for myself and my kids
  • Ear pods and laptop
  • Coloring books for my kids

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