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Holistic Postpartum Care with Acupuncture

Vivian Takafuji
Ph.D., L.Ac., Dipl. OM • Acupuncturist

Becoming a mother is both exciting  and exhausting. As a new life is welcomed into the world, this time may be filled with all kinds of new stressors: adjusting to sleepless nights, uncertainty about care, the weight of this new responsibility, and more.

In addition, time and energy devoted to care of the newborn is most likely being juggled with work and other family or social responsibilities. With all of this, it is understandable to see how self-care for the mother can quickly fall to the wayside.

Compounding these new stressors, there has been a tremendous amount of physical and energetic transference between the mother and child during pregnancy and while nursing. We must consider the loss of blood and impact on the mother’s Qi (in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi is the vital energy that circulates through the body at all times).

This is why focusing on the mother’s health is of paramount importance, especially after a pregnancy. 

Regardless of how smoothly a pregnancy and birth has been, a recovery period for the mother is always recommended. Enter acupuncture…

How to Thrive: Benefits of Acupuncture for Postpartum Moms

Acupuncture can be immensely helpful to support the wellbeing of the new mother by improving circulation of blood through the pelvis, helping heal a Cesarean incision and minimize scar tissue.

Acupuncture can also help to resolve energetic imbalances that may manifest as sleep disturbance, digestive issues or mood disorders (e.g. anxiety, postpartum depression, etc.) — all things common to new mothers. After the nursing period, Chinese herbs can help to replenish a deficiency of Qi and blood.

This holistic approach to healthcare can be an invaluable resource for the overall wellness of a growing family.

If you’re a new mother, many congratulations! And know we’re here to help you thrive in your recovery period — and in life.

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