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Let us help launch you into the life you deserve feeling your best and getting the results you need to thrive moving forward. Make the decision today to advocate for your health.

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What is A Health Coach?

Health coaching is the process of partnering with and guiding a client through overall lifestyle changes, with the focus on nutrition and wellbeing.

Health coaching like nutrition and overall wellness does not have a one size fits all approach. Your plan is custom designed to fit your needs. What works for one person may not work for another due to genetic make up, culture, background, food allergies, food intolerances, activity levels, and our bodies own individual needs.

Our goal is to break down your primary foods aka lifestyle choices and secondary foods aka food on your plate to look at where improvements can be made and assistance can be added. We address you holistically to make sure all facets of your life are balanced and working well together.

90 Days to Thrive + Lifestyle Medicine Program

We’ve created an infrastructure packed with coaching, accountability, support, and community. You will get a full health profile workup, a health tracking device, weekly coaching calls virtually or in house sessions, free admission to our “Thrive Talks” and access to additional sessions with some of our experts – including a registered dietician, physical therapist, fitness coach, acupuncturist, energy specialist, massage therapist, or performance psychologist.  Your health coach will help guide you through your journey to happier and healthier living.

Benefits of Our Program

Lower Blood Pressure + Cholesterol and Achieve Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Gain Positive Energy, Reduce Stress and Culitvate More Joy

Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Pain, Improve Your Digestive Health and Immune Function

Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss, Improve Physical Vitality and Strength


You can call or email our office to learn more about Nutrition coaching or our Lifestyle Medicine Program.

Our Services

One on One Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coaching

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─ Initial Evaluation ─

$79 /60 MINS

In this session we review your health history intake and come up with goals and plan to maximize your mission and meet your expectations. This session will answer any specific questions you may have and provide you with the information about the lay out of the program. We will also review your health history in detail. We take a bio-individual approach, so this session is about you and the goals which will fit your lifestyle needs the best

─ Follow Up ─

$59 /60 MINS

In your follow up sessions I will suggest 1-3 diet or lifestyle changes that will move you forward toward reaching your goals. Together we will help you create healthy habits. We will also discuss your progress, concerns, and help you troubleshoot any problem areas. You will be held accountable to your goals and commitments and you will be given the support and guidance you need to follow through.

Wellness Starts Now

Wherever you are in your health and wellness journey, health coaching can be for you.

You feel like you are on point with your health and wellness, how can we help?

    • This is the best time to continue on your journey and reinforce your positive life choices. We will continue with education and growth to make your journey sustainable and fun

You are dealing with a chronic illness or condition, how can we help?

      • Let us help you take step one in the right direction to improve your health. No matter what you are facing in life there are simple steps you can take to make improvements. Wellness is not built overnight, it is a marathon not a sprint, so let us help you take the first step.

You are in a funk, and just don’t feel great?

    • Let’s break down what is going on in your life and help you to find the areas that are out of balance. We will help you realign things to be your best self physically, mentally, and spiritually.

You know you have one or more health risk factors that have been brought to your attention by your doctor, how can we help?

    • Small changes can improve overall health. Old habits are hard to break, let us help you take small intentional steps to change your life.

You are an athlete and want to fuel your body with the right nutrition to thrive. How can we help?

    • Let us help you with diet and lifestyle changes to thrive in competition and avoid running on empty. Your body is made to thrive, let us help you get there.

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Our mission is to inspire, equip and move clients to transform, redefine or optimize their health.

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