InBody 770 Body Composition Scan

Assess areas weakened by injury, surgery or muscle loss. Identifies muscle and fat imbalances, and SO much more!

If you’ve been in the back of the gym lately you may have seen our new InBody machine. 

Arriving just before Christmas, it is a heck of a present.  For fitness and wellness folks it is akin to the holiday commercials where the person walks outside to find a brand new Mercedes with a giant bow in the driveway.  And honestly about that expensive too.

The gym at THRIVE has been open for over a year and someone recently pointed out to me that it was about time we “bought a scale”. Firstly, yes, that is absolutely accurate. Secondly, it is the understatement of the year.  Almost on principle, I haven’t had a scale at THRIVE because our goal is to evolve society’s main focus of exercise – not the number on the scale.

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Our main focus in the Restorative Fitness program here at THRIVE has been, and always will be: purposeful movement that allows our members to both look and FEEL their best; NOT a focus around weight or the numbers we see on a scale.

Though for most of us there is a component of weight loss, or gain, that we strive for with exercise, how you measure that and what it actually means is often completely misguided.  Over the years I’ve assessed countless people whose weight is technically “low” and yet they have very high body fat and are not happy with their appearance. Despite hours of cardio and hard work, sometimes after their assessment, these folks tend to be weak as kittens because they have no muscle mass and have beat their bodies up doing the wrong movements for the wrong reasons. I’ve also worked with people who are considered “obese” based on a simple height to weight measure who, in reality, are extremely fit because of well- developed muscle mass.  Beyond the number on the scale, the real story of someone’s body is found in these core areas:

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Visceral Fat
  • Water distribution
  • Segmental Analysis
  • Whole Body Phase Angle

Let’s be honest, how many of us actually even know what “Phase Angle” means?! (Side note: we would love the opportunity to explain what Phase Angle is – so, please, stop in sometime and let’s chat) The point is, the weight on the scale doesn’t explain everything. As a ‘people’ we need to start normalizing THAT concept. Our focus should be on how the above areas are measured in the body and the proper way to determine that is to have it analyzed accurately. This brings us back to our “scale”. The InBody isn’t just any scale.  It is a $20K, state of the art, top of the line, body composition analyzing, data crunching, health measuring, bar graph generating, truth telling machine. It tells you just about everything you ever wanted to know (and possibly what you may not be prepared to find out) about your body.  But even in that case, you don’t know what you don’t know.  Knowledge is power. And to have access to that much information, how it impacts your body specifically, and what areas may be needed to optimize your health, could potentially be life-changing. It just depends on what you do with the information once you have it. Insert why we are so excited about this machine and its capabilities.

This program will incorporate several different areas of health and wellbeing to include the Restorative Fitness program as well as our InBody to assist you in optimizing your health. If you are already training with us and haven’t been able to get on the InBody and want to, make sure to let us know. The next time you are at Thrive, stop by the front desk and ask about our 90 Day program, Restorative Fitness or the InBody – we would love to chat with you!

Thriving Magazine September 2022 Issue 15

September Thriving Magazine • Issue 15

September is Self Care Awareness Month and our September issue of Thriving magazine is focused on just that… With an emphasis on setting yourself up for aging with vitality. The choices we make today will have a huge impact on our future selves, and we want to help you lead healthy, strong and energetic lives. Enjoy!

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