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The Importance of Staying Hydrated and Aligned
Josh Collingsworth

Chiropractic Care

If you’re like me, summertime activities like barbecues, swim lessons and vacationing can make it feel like your days are non-stop.

I try to balance out  the season by being mindful of alternating between active and more relaxing events so I have a chance to fully enjoy the season and — most importantly — get through it without injury or exhaustion. Two things I highly recommend keeping in mind…  

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Stay hydrated! 

In the full swing of summer, it is especially important to stay hydrated. Not only is that true for your overall bodily functions, but it’s important for your spine. 

Without properly hydrated spinal discs, degeneration, instability, and eventually spinal decay can occur. When spinal health declines, so does central nervous system function, which communicates with every cell, organ, and system in the body. So, without adequate hydration, the health of the discs, spine, and even the body as a whole suffers.

Keep your spine aligned! 

Misalignments and restrictions in the spine, known as subluxations, can negatively affect the vertebral disc rehydration process. Discs that aren’t properly hydrated means they’re not getting the nutrition they need. 

With regular chiropractic care, subluxations are removed and proper alignment is restored. With regular adjustments, you can help your body better absorb water and stay healthy. 

Drink plenty of water this summer and visit Thrive Proactive Health when you need help keeping your spine aligned and healthy. 

Thriving Magazine September 2022 Issue 15

September Thriving Magazine • Issue 15

September is Self Care Awareness Month and our September issue of Thriving magazine is focused on just that… With an emphasis on setting yourself up for aging with vitality. The choices we make today will have a huge impact on our future selves, and we want to help you lead healthy, strong and energetic lives. Enjoy!

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