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Surround Yourself With the People and Places That Fill You Up
Michelle Hilliard

As the holiday season rolls in, it is important we take time to slow down, connect and reflect with the ones we love. This holiday season, let’s remember that much of the feeding and fueling of our bodies and souls is done through gratitude and thanksgiving, and that enjoying love, laughter, and connection is just as important as the food on our plate.

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That said, there will be lots of holiday foods that challenge your commitment to making healthy choices. But don’t feel like you have to avoid the special treats, cocktails, and social get-togethers in order to succeed in reaching your wellness goals. You can still sustain your healthy lifestyle and find balance by setting boundaries. 

I came up with this list to help you get through the season without veering off course completely.  

  • First and foremost, don’t bite off more than you can handle. Don’t overbook yourself with holiday parties and get togethers. It’s okay to say no; your mental health is more important than anything else.
  • Second, stick to your normal routine as best you can to continue with consistency. This is always key to keeping your stress levels down during an already stressful season.
  • Third, start your day on a positive note. This could be a walk, some yoga, prayer, meditation, or a well-balanced breakfast with someone you love. You choose what that means for you, and this will help you to be more calm throughout the day and make better choices.   
  • Fourth, bring a healthy dish or appetizer to share at your holiday neighborhood party, work party, or family gathering. This will give you something to feel good snacking on or eating at a meal.  
  • Fifth, have an accountability partner or coach to help you from derailing from your normal routine. We do life better with others, so keep those who are supportive of your lifestyle and overall wellness close during this time. It could be as simple as a walking partner who holds you accountable to the daily task or the friend who reminds you to drink water in between the cocktails. We all need those helpful reminders. 
  • Sixth, focus on more than the food at holiday celebrations. Holidays are about family and friends. They are about the love that we share and the memories we make, not the food that we eat. Be in the moment and take in the time with people you love. Make those forever memories. 
  • Seventh, avoid blood sugar crashes. Make sure you are eating well-balanced meals outside of the holiday parties, always keep healthy snacks on hand, and sometimes it’s a good idea to eat one of those healthy snacks before you walk into a holiday party. This will help you from over indulging when you get to the party and can stop your blood sugar from going on a wild ride. Choose wisely at the party to make a well-balanced plate, including high quality protein and healthy fats to reduce extra carb cravings. And the veggies are key to help you stay full and balanced.  
  • Eighth, if you are going out to a holiday party at a restaurant, peek at the menu before you go. This will help you to make a better food choice at ordering time.  
  • Ninth, If you are going to be drinking some holiday cocktails, do your best to limit fructose (extra sugar). Your liver is already on overload, metabolizing the alcohol, so try to avoid the excess sugary mixtures. Also, choose pure alcohol that is clear such as tequila or vodka with soda. You can squeeze some citrus in it to add a bit more flavor. Dark alcohol has congeners in them, which can contribute to broken capillaries and hangovers.. Have fun, but choose wisely.  
  • Tenth, If you overindulge and have too much holiday fun, it’s not the end of the world. Give yourself grace and get back to your routine the next day. 
  • Lastly, stay hydrated, get good rest, and remember to sweat the bad stuff out if you do “over indulge” at a party. 

Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself. Don’t feel bad about letting your hair down and having some fun. Let go of any negative emotions that may come with this and live in the moment. Tomorrow is always a new day to regroup and move forward positively. 

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. The new year is a great time to regroup and get new goals together. We can help; just give us a call and get set up for some health coaching. We would love to help you make the new year your best year yet!

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Thriving Magazine • Issue 16

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