Energy + Self Confidence

September 29th, 2021

Energy Healing: What It Can Do For your Self Confidence

Written by Jen Fedorowicz

Do you wish you had more confidence in life? Do you hesitate when it comes to making decisions, not knowing what is the best decision for you at the moment? Would you like to really believe in yourself and trust that life is moving in the best direction for you?

Quantum science has shown that life isn’t happen TO us but THROUGH us. Our thoughts and emotions are creating the life that we are living everyday. There is an invisible energy within us, the real us. And when we learn to tap into this energy we begin to develop a felt sense of self. A knowing that comes from within.

We are spending our days splatted, our energy is dispersed and we aren’t fully connected to our true self. When we learn to tap into the energy and pay attention to the sensations in the body. We gain a knowing, a confidence that helps us move through life with so much more ease.

Take a moment and breathe deep in your belly. When you do this you begin to bring your dispersed energy back into yourself. By focusing inward you bring more energy into your core, photons of energy follow thought and doing this allows you to perceive more of your SELF.

This is just one of the practices of The Energy Codes. As a certified Energy Codes Facilitator and BioEnergetic Synchronization Practitioner. I work with clients every day helping them to find that sense of self. They begin to know their magnificence, feel more confidence and begin manifesting the life they truly desire from within.

When you’re ready to tap into your true self and the power within I invite you to schedule a session with me. I will help you to tap into that inherent gut wisdom, the True Essence that is YOU! In the meantime, keep breathing deep in your core. Schedule an Energy Session TODAY!


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Meet Jen: Energy Medicine Specialist

Jen is a Reiki Master,  B.E.S.T. (Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique) practitioner and E-YRT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) as well as the founder of jEnergy.  Jen works with clients to get energy moving through the body for physical + emotional healing. All of life is a reflection of your energy flow. Whether you have blocks causing physical disease or blocks keeping you stuck in life. She is a teacher at heart and equips every client she encounters with easy tools to use and incorporate into your life to keep your energy flowing and help you access the healer within you.