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Self Compassion in a Time of Healing
Vivian Takafuji

The approach of the winter months is a time of the “Yin Qi rising,” a time to turn a little more inward and reserve our energies. Physical and mental rest need to be the priority for us all. We have collectively been in a state of survival mode during these uncertain times, but now is the time for us to move beyond this fear mentality and a state of heightened nervous system.

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Gratitude is key during these difficult times. In this month of Thanksgiving, appreciation for the present moment may help us persevere. Appreciate what you have and try not to focus on what you don’t have. Compassion in this world starts with ourselves. It’s time to go easier on ourselves and design our reality to be a bit more tolerable.

Give yourself permission to do less than what you can possibly do in a day, permission to slow down and to play—just to play—without any end goal in mind. We need to once again allow time in life for the spontaneous to happen.

Acupuncture can be a tremendously helpful and gentle way to reset the autonomic nervous system, permit greater self-realization and recognize belief systems and habits that may no longer be beneficial. It can mediate a deep sense of relaxation and grounding to the Yin energies that are necessary to heal.

Thriving Magazine October 2022 Issue 16

Thriving Magazine • Issue 16

Our October issue looks how we can make positive changes in our mindset and behaviors over the last 90 days of the year so we're starting 2023 with a head start (and skipping the resolutions!). Enjoy!

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