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Finding Balance With Your Summertime Exercising

Thrive Restorative Fitness Team

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It’s summer and time to enjoy what exercising has done for your overall health. But this time of year can also present unique challenges. Summer schedules, vacations and get-togethers can be obstacles to otherwise established healthy habits, while warmer temperatures, family gatherings and seasonal activities can play an increased and important role in enhancing exercise and helping us strike that balance.

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Your Thrive Restorative Fitness Team has tips to keep you feeling your best no matter what the summer has in store.

Continue To Prioritize Your Workouts

Part of finding balance in your fitness schedule may be simply not getting “off balance” in the first place. Continuing to prioritize exercise when planning and scheduling other things can help you keep up with your fitness and even make the other things you do more enjoyable. Although it’s easy to let poolside picnics and Prosecco take over your summer free time, just be sure to keep some time devoted to your physical fitness.

Stay Hydrated

Adequate hydration is crucial for your brain and body to function at optimal conditions. In the summer heat we don’t realize how much more we’re affected before we are already dehydrated. And while an adult beverage or two can be festive and enjoyable, pace yourself with water or try a mocktail to take the place of a stronger beverage.

Make Exercise A Family Activity

Whether working out together or participating in a backyard game of volleyball, exercising together is a win-win. We benefit so much from meaningful social interaction, be it immediate family or close friends. What better way to build our fitness than when we’re building relationships at the same time!

Take a Walk

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and can be just as effective by yourself as it is with a friend or family member. Taking time for yourself or connecting with friends while on a walk around the neighborhood or on the beach can be another win-win for wellness.

Avoid “Crunch Time”

We all want to look our best in a swimsuit. Maybe that was even a goal at the beginning of the year. Whatever your perception of your fitness or where your beach body is, try to find some balance there as well and avoid the temptation to go on a frenzied Three-Minute Abs exercise program to try to get there now. True strength is built over time and through hard work.

Don’t Forget Your Skin Health

Soak up the vitamin D, but protect yourself from the very dangerous effects that too much sun exposure can have on your skin. Wear sunscreen and reapply throughout the day.

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