Are You Depressed? Or Compressed?

Jen Fedorowicz • E-RYT, Energy Codes B.E.S.T. Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master • Energy Medicine and Emotional Healing

In Energy Medicine, we do not see depression as a diagnosis, but rather as a state of being energetically. Our energy becomes “depressed” when we repress our emotions. 

It’s the things we wanted to do or say or act upon, but we didn’t. We stuffed them down and the result is that the energy field around the body becomes depressed.

As energetic beings, all of our power is in the body. 

Try breathing and feeling the breath moving through the body. As you breathe deeper and more slowly, envision your energy field expanding and lightening up in all directions around you. Imagine blowing up a balloon inside of your body and as you inhale, the balloon continues to expand. Doing this begins to release the pressure outside of the body. It releases the “gunk” in your energy field that is causing the compression from the outside in. 

Everything is energy and when we get to the energy beneath the story, our energy starts moving differently. The result is neutralizing the compression. And, of course, feeling better. 

Morning Meditation
10 Benefits of Meditation

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Improves burnout symptoms
  3. Boosts focus and working memory
  4. Reduces emotional agitation
  5. Increases cognitive flexibility
  6. Improves recovery and resilience
  7. Modulates pain and improves medical symptoms
  8. Improves self-care and sense of wellbeing
  9. Loosens grips of negative habits and thinking
  10. Increases patience and tolerance

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