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The Clear Message is… Dad Needs a Massage

Danielle Lambert
 Director Of Massage Therapy

Do you know what helps bring balance to your physical and mental health at the same time? It’s massage therapy. And contrary to what you might think, massage isn’t just for the ladies.

Yes, massage is great for relaxation and stress management, but dude — there are so many more benefits…

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The Benefits of Massage


lowers blood pressure

Multiple studies have shown that men are at high risk for blood pressure complications, particularly over the age of 40. Hypertension can cause other heart and circulatory issues, including blood clots or heart attack and stroke. Massage has been proven to lower blood pressure and helps reduce this risk when used on a regular basis.


shortens muscle recovery time

You probably know that massage decreases inflammation and lactic acid build-up caused by working out. Massage can also increase the production of mitochondria in the muscles, also known as the powerhouses of cells. This helps generate energy at a cellular level! You can use massage as a proactive tool to help reduce your risk of injury and help you recover faster.


boosts immunity

The men in my life tend to not want to go to the doctor for regular checkups, much less when they’re sick. While you should absolutely keep your regular doctor’s visits, why not add massage to your routine? A study done at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles resulted in subjects showing a boost in the number of lymphocytes or white blood cells, which fight infection and help keep you healthy.


improves sleep

Massage therapy has also been studied as a treatment for symptoms of multiple sleep disorders, including sleep apnea and narcolepsy, which occur more frequently in men. Massage has been proven to enhance sleep quality by increasing serotonin production.


improves mental balance

Massage therapy helps increase the levels of key neurotransmitters responsible for happiness and mental health including oxytocin, and decrease the level of cortisol. Try adding regular massage to help keep a positive mind set.

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