Our Thriver’s Success Stories

At Thrive, we believe that we were all intended to live our best life.

We make choices everyday that affect our day to day. Are your choices making you feel the way that you were designed to? Listen to the stories of those who are being proactive about their health.

Meet Thrivers Shannon and Evan

Shannon had hip replacement surgery and had been struggling to eliminate her pain. She had tried other physical therapy facilities, but decided to come to Thrive in hopes of experiencing something different. After her sessions with us, she noticed a major difference in the way that she felt and decided to bring her son in. Evan is a young athlete who was also struggling with pain, but has overcome that by being proactive in his treatments with us. Watch their story to learn more about their mother/son experience at Thrive.

Meet Thriver Chris

Chris has been visiting us since September 2016. Throughout his life, Chris experienced injuries to his knee and jaw, as well as suffered from headaches and pain due to his injuries. He endured knee and jaw surgery, but still never found relief for the pain that he was in. Wanting to get back to how he felt before his injuries, he chose to come see us. Chris experienced relief and received education in a way that he never had before–now, he is a long-term Thrive client. Watch his story to learn more about his experience with us.

Meet Thriver Dylan

Dylan came to Thrive with hopes of improving his performance in the gym. Once he got here, he learned much more than he ever anticipated. His knowledge on posture and breathing has expanded, and because of this, Dylan has grown in strength and form. He chooses to stay proactive with his health while still being able to train the way he desires, which has led him to become more resilient than ever. Watch Dylan’s story to learn more about his transforming Thrive experience.

Meet Thrivers Karen & Brandon

Brandon and Karen came to Thrive when a close relative shared their results from our services. Brandon’s right abdominal wall and obliques have been removed, which has caused him to have several issues with mobility and pain. Karen’s job keeps her on her feet, and the general wear and tear of life has affected her body. Karen and Brandon have seen major results since coming to Thrive and continue to do so. Watch their story to learn more about their inspiring experiences at Thrive.

Meet Thriver Staesha

Growing up, Staesha dealt with several hip problems and pain due to a length discrepancy in her legs. She approached Thrive seeking to lengthen her leg and began aggressive treatment with several services including Postural Restoration®. Her recovery has been empowering and inspiring. Watch Staesha’s story to learn more about her Thrive experience.

Meet Thriver Jen 

Jenifer was always very athletic and involved in sports, Tae Kwon Do, and gymnastics. All of these activities impacted her body in a painful way, which inspired her friend to recommend Thrive. By working with our specialists, she’s been able to restore her body and continually returns with her daughter for routine maintenance. Watch Jennifer’s story to learn more about her Thrive experience.


Meet Thriver Danielle 

Danielle was experiencing migraines, tension and pain after a major car accident. Her mother recommended her to Thrive and she began Postural Restoration® and our therapeutic treatments. She was able to recover from severe shoulder pain and now sees our specialists routinely to stay proactive with her health. Watch Danielle’s story to learn more about her Thrive experience.