The Benefits of Aromatherapy In The Springtime

May 19, 2021

Virginia is for lovers we say. Well, I do agree until the moment I step outside for a morning jog in early spring… For those like myself, leaving winter behind is delightful. I know holidays are great BUT the prospect of the warm weather and outdoor activities give me a sense of freedom and abundance I really crave more. Though the reality of a Virginian spring tends to hit hard. The vision of open doors and windows to let the breeze in, coffee on the patio, and dinner sitting at a terrasse all of a sudden turn into a yellow cloud of tree pollen washing away my excitement. Yet, I can’t help it. The buzz of going outside for a jog early in the morning to see everything under the rising sun, the quiet neighborhood for some physical exercise makes me happy. Happy until I realize that the struggle is real. It doesn’t take long to start getting itchy, watery, and burning eyes, headaches, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, postnasal drip I find myself drowning in…NOT COOL! 

So I want to run…run away from it actually. Now as a clinical aromatherapy practitioner I should be able to find something among my hundreds of little bottles of gold to ease these unwanted symptoms, so I did. My allergy relief blend of essential oils of Ledum helps to ease congestion, chamomile has antihistamine properties, tarragon has anti-inflammatory properties, niaouli helps remove excess mucus, and marjoram helps with pain which all together seem to work on easing many of the common symptoms of seasonal allergy. Once I apply it on my neck lymph nodes area, under my nose, and on my throat so at least I can do my jog and enjoy it!



Meet Chantal, Relaxation Specialist

Chantal specializes in providing pain relief, pain management, and relaxation to individuals seeking to optimize their personal and professional potential, well-being, and quality of life. She has over 8 years of experience working holistically with people challenged with acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and dysfunctions, hormonal, digestive, and autoimmune disorders.

Through her own life challenges and needs for physical, emotional, and mental balance, Chantal has developed a unique set of skills and a keen sense of empathy for people eager to restore, improve and maintain their health and well-being. Her mission is to support her team’s work in providing peace, comfort, connection, meaning, and purpose during times of struggle, as well as physical demand and the need for superior athletic performances.

Chantal has learned and mastered effective and non-invasive massage techniques that focus on the medical benefits of soft tissue manipulation, mobilization, alternative pressure, and essential oils to provide superior and cumulative customized results.