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5 Tips for Respiratory Wellness!

February 18, 2020 Respiratory wellbeing (especially healthy lung function) is essential to living a healthy life. Now more than ever, respiratory wellbeing should be something you are looking to support. Your lungs bring oxygen to your organs by removing the carbon...

5 Must Have Tips to Help Prioritize Sleep

February 18, 2020 Have you ever thought “what is sleep?”. Odds are, this thought has never crossed your mind. And that is okay. You are not alone; we were right there with you! But, what if we stopped and truly thought about what sleep is, how sleep affects our...

National love your pet day!

February 18, 2020Did you know that owning a pet can improve your overall mental and physical health? Studies show that owning a pet can lower your blood pressure and reduce your cholesterol to improve heart health.  MENTAL HEALTH:  Ever had a long, stressful day at...

Train Like A NFL Athlete

NFL football players are some of the highest performing athletes in the world. With this comes strict regimes to ensure their mental and physical health. Everything from their eating habits to sleeping patterns plays a role in their performance and allow them to...

Massage for Mammas: Me-Time is Important in All Phases of Motherhood

The prenatal and postnatal phases are both beautiful and brutal experiences when having a baby. When carrying, the lower ribs can become more flared to make room for the baby, especially during the last trimester. Once we have the baby and begin cradling during feedings, it creates more tension along the bra line area. Whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding, it can become very painful due to the posture we tend to assume during those long periods of time (even more so when we are already physically and mentally tired). As a mom, you’re going to experience pain in many places throughout the different phases of being a mamma. Fortunately for you, I’ve been there and am doing it, so I know what to recommend for help. 


Golf is an obvious sport where rotational mobility is important, but even more important is how the full body rotation is controlled and sequenced. Without adequate control or correct postural setup, the way that your body rotates during a round of golf can influence how you move in the other areas of your life.

“Good” posture is the foundation to “good” movement. An athletic body in balance must have good posture and good movement. Our mechanical capacity to move air and breathe well precedes good posture and good movement.