Got Tennis Elbow

August 20th, 2021



Tennis elbow (AKA lateral epicondylitis) is one of the most common elbow conditions seen by healthcare practitioners, but it doesn’t always have to be debilitating if identified and treated proactively. If you’ve been experiencing pain as described in this short video, Thrive may be able to help you ensure that tennis elbow doesn’t get the better of you!


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Lee believes that we all need to take personal responsibility in our health and wellness, but from time to time we need to rely on the expertise of others to get there. He likes to be the one to help close that gap for people so that they can take it from there and continue doing what they love.

He has been working since 2002 in various outpatient orthopedic physical therapy sites treating those including athletes, weekend warriors, post-surgical ortho patients and people with everyday wear and tear injuries.