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Restorative Fitness + Personal Training


Thrive has expanded 2500 sq feet to bring in state of the art exercise equipment and create space

to add Restorative Fitness classes and Personal Training.

Coming soon: unique fitness solutions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

If you are interested in learning more about our fitness services, please fill out this form and

someone will be in contact with you to discuss more!

Our Restorative Fitness team bridges the gap between rehabilitation and fitness and is committed to helping you in a new way. We create exercise solutions through different dimensions of health to help you improve your self-care and wellbeing with creative and well planned out intelligent programming. 

What is intelligent programming?

Intelligent programming comes from an assessment of your movement profile and baseline fitness metrics with a physical therapist, strength coach and personal trainer. We don’t try to do the same exercises with everyone. We understand how the body winds and unwinds tension, and how muscles work together to keep our joints balanced and moving well.  

Exercise should make the body feel good, and your body should crave a certain dosage of movement each day to move and function at your best. We incorporate corrective and restorative properties of movement to help clients improve how their body moves while helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.  

  • Are you recovering from an injury?
  • Are you looking to reduce muscle or joint discomfort when you exercise?
  • Have you recently had a baby and are having to learn how to reactivate your core and move your new body?
  • Are you a swimmer looking to have a dryland routine that will optimize your movement in the pool?
  • Are you a golfer looking to unlock your rotation and move with less effort and more agility?
  • Do you participate in a repetitive rotational sport regularly like tennis, volleyball, baseball, softball, etc. and you are looking for the edge to keep your body moving well to optimize your sport and keep your body balanced to prevent injury?
  • Do you have scoliosis or spinal curve changes and you want to learn how to move your body, exercise without pain, and strengthen your core?
  • Have you had a total joint replacement or other major surgery and are looking forward to getting back to a regular fitness program?
  • Do you find yourself getting injured or having pain on one side of the body more than the other?

 Allow our team to help lead and educate you through a personalized tailored workout

program that helps you achieve your goals and improves your movement health.



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