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When we look at the Olympics and Professional Sports (athletes at the highest level) there are clearly some athletes who always seem to get it right. What many people don’t know is that it’s not the physical training that keeps athletes performing consistently at the highest level.

There is work that has to go on beyond the physical training for an athlete to have performance sustainment and longevity, and well as durability to handle the excessive wear, tear, and stress many athletes have to put their bodies through to do their job. 

We specialize in the behind scenes work, beyond the physical training.

  • We help the mechanical, muscular, and structural systems stay most functional with advanced physical therapy, athletic training, and massage.
  • We maximize the physical, mechanical, and physiological benefits of the ventilatory system so the body can balance and optimize healthy breathing, posture, and movement patterns.
  • We train the mind to enhance its ability to perform under pressure, improve focus, attention, and concentration skills, and maintain confidence and motivation.
  • We help the body rebound quickly from injury or rebound quickly from mental mistakes which affect training and performance.
  • We help train the body for relaxation using various forms of meditation, reflexology, aromatherapy, soft tissue, and bodywork to optimize sleep, rest, recovery, and regeneration.
  • And lastly, we provide guidance and coaching through performance nutrition, so you can know the best nutritional practices to properly fuel and refuel your body to enhance recovery and optimize performance.

We Keep Healthy People Healthy.

We Keep Athletes Performing Consistently.

We believe in Proactive Health.

Treating the high-level athlete and elite performer requires extra training, specialization, experience, and skill beyond any entry-level education, certification, and licensing trade. I’ve spent my whole career dedicated to understanding the finely tuned systematic machine which we call our human body, and the secret to truly get it to function and operate at its best is that you need to have a team. There is no trainer, therapist, coach, or sports performance expert that knows it all! A team of experts that work together to take a systematic approach while putting the athletes’ health first are the ones that are truly making a difference in this industry and leading the way. I’ve worked hard to strategically bring disciplines together to be able to offer athletes and coaches a holistic, well rounded, systematic, and supportive approach so that we together can make a difference, exceed expectations, and provide athletes with a more wholesome and complete profile to outsmart their competition and help them achieve their goals.

performance longevity performance sustainment

If you are not an athlete but have read this blog – don’t let it scare you away. Our advanced training is often the missing link that solves pain mysteries and we may be able to give you a different perspective on how to resolve an injury and help you understand why your chronic pain has not responded with other treatments or therapies. The human body has many amazing neuropathways which are often untapped opportunities to retrain connections and promote self-healing –  if they are tapped into and facilitated properly and strategically.

performance longevity performance sustainment tune up

If you don’t have chronic pain, but a mild nagging pinch or hitch — what are you waiting for? Come in for a quick tune-up and prevent that minor issue from getting worse.  We can renew mobility and decrease unnecessary muscle tension with quick releases and adjustments. No long term commitment or high medical fees are associated with our tune-up services.

We all need attention and maintenance to THRIVE.

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Attention Coaches & Parents – we can provide services off-site at your location. Fill out the form and let us know what services and consultations you are looking to integrate with your team. We need to know about how many athletes will be involved, any special dates/schedule the team may have, and what kinds of services you think will benefit your athletes the most.

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