August 5, 2016

Mental Performance is not only for Athletes

The Mental Performance Specialists at Thrive help people develop the important skills necessary to be successful in sport and non-sport performance situations.


Mental and Cognitive Skills Training helps people achieve their full potential, manage stress, and function better in high pressure scenarios.

Many people understand and recognize the importance of goal setting, concentration, and anxiety management. Unfortunately, its not always that easy to execute – especially when under pressure.  Vague suggestions like “be confident” or “relax” can cause frustration and even more anxiety if it’s not understood how to regulate emotions or achieve those mental states.

THRIVE utilizes cutting edge Biofeedback Thought Technology to facilitate self-awareness of performance inhibiting thoughts and behaviors, as well as, to learn strategies to optimally self-regulate the mind-body connection.

Examples of non-sport performance situations which can benefit from Mental Performance Training:

  • An important job interview or crucial business meeting
  • Maintaining a strategic focus during negotiations or sales
  • Public speaking or giving a presentation in front of an intimidating crowd
  • Testifying in court
  • Test taking an important exam
  • Performing a solo with a symphony orchestra
  • Auditioning for a lead role in a drama production
  • a Surgeon performing a tough life or death surgery
  • a Pilot landing a plane in stressful weather conditions or losing an engine
  • a First Responder, Firefighter, or Police Office participating in a state emergency or saving people from a natural disaster or terrorist attack
  • and more…


Thrive is a team of committed and hard-working professionals devoted to the healing, performance, and empowerment of our clients supplied by our dedication to proactive health, personalized services, and a conviction towards delivering the results they need to THRIVE at home, at work, and in competition!


For both our clients and employees, we believe that we are responsible for providing excellent experiences. We hold high standards for ourselves and focus on the constant improvement of our practice. It is our promise to strive to understand and satisfy the needs of your health–and you can trust that we deliver what we promise.


To guarantee results, we develop strategic plans and creative solutions for our clients. Healthcare and technology are ever-changing and advancing; which is why we are dedicated to lifelong education. We are continuously deepening our knowledge and embrace the agility necessary for innovation.


We’ve created a culture that encourages and thrives off of ‘togetherness’. We believe that when our team works together, you receive the best care and most successful results. Support, respect, and trust within our team ensures that we’re working with a common purpose for your needs.

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