Memo to Mom

May 5, 2021

Memo to Mom
It’s May and we all know what that means, Mother’s Day is coming! While I am not a mom myself, I have several in my life that I love and care for. It never fails that every time I am in the presence of a mom, I notice the love and dedication she has for her family. Sadly, it is also clear the lack of priority she gives to her own needs.

No matter what scenario she is in she will put everyone else’s needs before her own. Who is the last one at the dinner table? Mom because she is busy making sure her family has everything they need to enjoy their meal. Who is the last to go to bed every night? Mom because she is making sure the family is prepared for the next busy day ahead. Whose needs are always met last? You know it, MOM!

So, ladies let me say this again for the moms in the back: you must take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of everyone else! Taking care of your mind and body is not a want, but a frequently overlooked need. Self-care does not need to be a big extravagant trip or thousands of dollars spent at the mall. Try a relaxing Epsom salt soak with a tall glass of lemon water. Book an appointment for yourself that you are excited about. Enjoy an uninterrupted cup of your favorite tea while listening to soothing music or a guided meditation.

If you are looking for an environment that is all about self-care, I invite you to come check out how we can help you take care of you for a change. Have a great work out in our beautiful gym with one of our restorative fitness trainers. Come in for a relaxing or therapeutic massage from cupping to paraffin treatments. We will create the perfect massage for you. Be your best self and allow your energy to flow with the talented Jen in an Energy Healing session. Find balance and receive the benefits of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology under Vivian’s skilled hands. Treat yourself to cupping or dry needling for healing with the best PTs around.

Whatever form of self-care fits you best my advice is, just do it mamma! Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there that do it all for the ones you love! I hope I see you all at Thrive enjoying your favorite way to take care of you!


Meet Danielle: Lead Massage Therapist

Danielle is very passionate about Massage Therapy and its life-changing abilities. She has always worked to show people that massage is not a want or luxury, but a need. She has focused her career on educating her clients on the “why” at every opportunity. This allows her to build trust and get excellent results with her clients because they are willing to give their all when they understand the best way to get there. Danielle believes massage therapy heals not only the physical pain we experience but the mental stress that we all have to deal with in everyday life.