Meet our featured yoga instructor, Chelsea Latham!

At the young age of 11, Chelsea remembers seeing yoga for the first time on t.v. and knowing that she wanted to learn more. It wasn’t until she went to college that she was able to experience her first yoga class.

“I loved it as much as I thought I would, and it wasn’t long after that I knew that it was what I wanted to commit to.”

Meet our featured yoga

After graduating college with a business and finance degree, the economy had crashed and she was unable to find a job. This opened the door to start traveling the world while volunteering and found herself on a sustainable retreat in Costa Rica.

“I was able to get more connected with living simply and naturally. It really gave me the true value of living and going beyond the traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle.”

Chelsea knew she wanted to do more than work in an office and found she was more passionate about helping people learn not only how to be healthy, but how to feel really good about being alive. This led to her transition into a wellness career.

“I always felt a strong connection to India and wanted to go there, so it was a natural choice to go there and get the most traditional experience for becoming a yoga instructor.”

She was in India for 6 weeks and practiced 6 -7 hours of physical yoga a day in addition to learning Sanskrit and meditation.

In addition to becoming a registered yoga instructor, Chelsea also became a Transformational Life Coach. Chelsea helps people get to know and love themselves so well that they want to do what is best for them emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

“It became more spiritual because I felt like in order to have health, you must want to have health and love your life. I help bring every aspect of the client’s life together to assess what is and is not serving them best, then make decisions that honor this uniqueness. I think it’s a matter of connecting with people and creating a supportive environment to support them in exploring all the different ways their lives could improve. I prefer to empower clients than give them cookie cutter paths to wellness. Only the client can make herself happier and healthier, it’s my job to support and inspire, as well as connecting clients to other people so that they may collectively inspire, support, and empower each other to be the best that we can be.”

She leads Coaching Workshops to continuously facilitate and support people as they raise awareness of themselves and take ownership of that loving awareness of self and then take action based on the awareness of self.

“I like to teach people how to take care of themselves instead of just tell them what to do. It’s about raising awareness, assessing, and taking action.”

Chelsea tends to work with women who are really interested in living incredible lives beyond traditional goals.

“The work that I have them do teaches them to independently think, feel, and continuously assess their lives and what’s working for them so they can get to a more profound state of living and being.”

You can take one of Chelsea’s yoga classes at the following locations:

Angela Phillips Yoga –  Saturdays at 9:30 am

Inlet Fitness South – Mon 4:15, Wed 12:30, occasional Fridays at 5:45 pm, and

Inlet Fitness Great Neck – Thur at 6:45 pm

You can learn more about Chelsea by visiting her website and connect via Facebook Tula Vida Body and Soul and Instagram The_Soulful_Women

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