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Lifestyle Medicine: 90 Days to Thrive

Dante Leone

DPT + OCS + CSCS • Physical Therapy Clinical Director

Take control of your health! Take back your life! 

We can’t stop aging, and eventually we will all die. However, how we choose to live can dramatically impact how we age, and the quality of life we have before we die. Aging doesn’t have to be a life of pain, medications, medical procedures, and surgeries. The biggest determinant of our health is not our genes that we inherit from our parents, but the lifestyle choices we make each day.

From the foods and beverages we consume, to the amount of physical activity and exercise we get, to the quantity and quality of our sleep, to our ability to manage stress, to our social connections and meaningful relationships we develop, our health is molded by these choices. In fact, it’s not so much the DNA we get from our parents, but the habits and behaviors we inherit from our parents that determine our health and aging. 

Thrive Promotion: Lifestyle Medicine

Thrive has created a unique program to address the factors impacting your health + guide you with the tools to age well.

Each day we make choices that are either health promoting or sickness promoting. Over time these choices accumulate. If you are consistently making health promoting choices you are more likely to live a healthier happier life. If you are consistently making sickness promoting choices you are more likely to live a life of disease and early death. It mostly has to do with inflammation.

Many of the most common diseases in this country are inflammatory in nature. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and kidney disease are all inflammatory diseases caused by lifestyle choices. In the United States it has been common to treat these diseases with medications, procedures, and surgeries.

But all these treatments do is manage symptoms and try to slow the rate of disease progression while also exposing people to serious side effects. Instead, we can actually treat the cause of these diseases, stopping and potentially reversing illness. How?

There is no magic, but the amazing thing is we have the power within us all to change our lives. Eating a diet of mostly plants, moving our bodies, getting restful sleep, making ourselves more resilient to stress, building and maintaining meaningful relationships with others, and reducing alcohol and eliminating tobacco use.

These are the keys to preventing, treating, and reversing the actual causes of our most common killers.

Thriving Magazine October 2022 Issue 16

Thriving Magazine • Issue 16

Our October issue looks how we can make positive changes in our mindset and behaviors over the last 90 days of the year so we're starting 2023 with a head start (and skipping the resolutions!). Enjoy!

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