Holiday Fitness Facts

December 22nd, 2021

How to Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Written By: Matt Campbell

When I sat down to write this blog with the holidays suddenly right in front of me, I thought, “I should post some diet and exercise tips for ‘How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays’”.  However, as I began to compile those resources, I realized that while technically accurate and maybe even helpful these can be sometimes, things like “chew slower, use a smaller plate, or schedule workouts in advance” sometimes just don’t really “cut it”. When you have that giant Christmas china plate in hand, on your way back for round two, it’s hard to stop and try to measure out your portions.  I started to wonder instead about some good old-fashioned, cold, hard facts.  Here’s some of what I uncovered.  Listed in no particular order whatsoever of course.

I guess you could call it a little “food for thought”.

  • Americans consume just under 3,000 calories during an average holiday meal
    • Recommended total daily caloric intake for most adults is between 2,000- 2,500 calories.
  • To burn off the calories from 1 slice of pecan pie, you would have to walk approximately 5.5 miles (or just over 10,000 steps).
  • The recommendation for general fitness for a healthy adult is 10,000 steps per day
  • According to a Mayo Clinic study, the average American walks between 3,000-4,000 steps per day.  
  • According to a NCHS report, which drew on five years of data from the National Health Interview Survey, only about 23% of US adults meet the recommendations for weekly physical activity.
  • Physical inactivity accounts for roughly 8.7 percent of U.S. health care expenditures, or approximately $117 billion per year.  
  • Adults who are physically active spend nearly $1,500 less per year on health care than inactive adults.

At the end of the day, we are all going to eat the things that taste good and celebrate with those we love. Our goal here at Thrive is not to make you feel “bad” or “defeated” or “suck the fun out of the holidays” but more so, we want to make you aware of the possibilities of applying movement and nutritional moderation during this season.

We want you to Thrive through the holidays (all of the pun intended haha). Ultimately, we want to empower you to make tiny adjustments to your holiday lifestyle so you feel like your best self and make memories with those around you.

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