April 14, 2021


What makes the Restorative Fitness program different?

Restorative Fitness is an innovative approach to exercise that seeks to improve overall fitness by focusing on what matters most: building a body that can move well in the first place. We assess each individual to understand their unique profile in order to determine what they need. By understanding each person, we can then use exercise to improve movement and challenge fitness.

Can I work out if I have pain or limitations?

Unfortunately, too often exercise is the thing that ends up hurting us, which limits the very goals we are trying to reach. We believe exercise should make the body feel good by moving better and building a more resilient system that can keep you doing the things you love. We recognize that almost everyone has had injuries, experiences nagging or chronic pain, or feels limited by the things they can do. We are passionate about helping you overcome obstacles. We have assembled an industry leading team of Coaches, Biomechanical Experts and Physical Therapists that meet you right where you are and are committed to finding solutions.

Can anyone do Restorative Fitness?

We welcome anyone who wants to achieve a higher level of fitness. We are movement experts who are passionate about the human body. From people coming off of injury to healthy gym-goers, weekend warriors to professional athletes, we work with people looking to improve and optimize function and performance. No matter where you are on the journey, we look at each person as an individual and tailor exercise specifically.

Do you use weights or special equipment?

While you will see a lot of very specialized equipment here, we utilize everything from Dumbbells and Kettlebells to TRX’s, Medicine Balls, Barbells etc. From traditional to non-traditional equipment, free weights to bodyweight, the program is not built on a particular apparatus or brand but instead focuses on what the body needs biomechanically and draws from a vast array of equipment and tools to get there.