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November S.O.S Group Workout

Need help getting your weekend off to a great start? Join us for a 14 person group S.O.S. workout on Saturday Nov 19th! S.O.S. is a combination of metabolic and strength training along with some fun and functional movement.

👉 2 CLASSES: 8:30AM • 9:45AM

Register to attend with the form below, or call (757) 364-0067.
Location: 2830 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Thrive Talks : ON HOLD

Engage with our expert professionals as they share key tips, lifestyle hacks, application to everyday life, inspiration and expertise in a group format setting.

Our Thrive Talks are fun and resourceful lecture series to promote community health and Lifestyle Medicine. We’ve pulled together expert professionals to present key tips, lifestyle hacks, application to everyday life, and inspiration in a group setting format. Talks are catered with healthy food and are set up to help strategically reinforce social connection, support and motivation to empower you to sustain adherence in your health journey.


Self Care IS Health Care

Starting your health journey can be very intimidating and, at times, even discouraging. With the right mindset and focus you can create healthier daily routines that work for YOU and your goals. In this seminar, we will discover tools to assist in identifying self limiting barriers that are keeping you from feeling success, gain an understanding of how to reframe your mindset to reach your goals and create harmony in your life, and explore tips and tricks on how to narrow your focus and create a daily routine that works for you


Foundations in Nutrition: Cooking Prep Tips & Tricks

Foundations in Nutrition is an overview of nutritional habits geared towards improving energy, vitality, health, and longevity.  This seminar provides a practical approach to nutrition, highlighting the basic steps and habits needed to create a strong nutrition foundation upon which to build a healthy lifestyle. Life gets crazy busy and we have less and less time to spend in the kitchen. In this seminar you’ll learn some simple tips and tricks to make meal prep and cooking a breeze.

Digestive health is  kind of a big deal. While not everyone likes to talk about it, it’s a pretty good reflection of what’s going on in the gut. In this conversation we’ll discuss how to promote a healthy gut and resolve some digestive problems through food, nutrition, and sleep. We’ll also tackle ways to improve resistance and promote a robust immune system by tending to the garden in your gut via nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

Have you ever heard the saying “where the focus goes, energy flows”? Learn how to use your energy to help you stay focused in your journey for health and wellness.   Bio-Energetics is the study of energy in the body and energy medicine has shown that our life flows in direct reflection to how the energy is flowing through the body. When you understand and learn to manage the energy flowing through your body it can have a profound effect on your life. Most of us are living in our heads, when our real power is in the body. Learning to connect to and understand the fact we are energetic beings and life is happening through us, not TO us. There are tangible tools available to guide you through embodiment and see how much power you have over the way your life is flowing. Our energy affects not only our life experiences but the way people respond to us. Anxiety, worry and overwhelming feelings are common ways of being for so many people. Living with stress for extended periods of time shifts the nervous system into the state of fight or flight. Over time a body in constant stress does not know how to return to the state of rest and restore. It is as if the nervous system crashes and the feeling of stress becomes what an individual thinks is the “normal” way to feel. Bio-energetics is working with the energy of the body to shift from the sympathetic state back to the parasympathetic state where healing and creativity become the natural way of being.

The foods you eat provide energy and affect how the brain functions everyday. Choosing the right foods help to promote a healthy brain, clearer thinking, slow brain aging, support mental health, and may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Have I got your attention? Great! Now, let’s talk about nutrition and get you thinking about the foods you eat everyday and what small changes you can make to support a healthy brain.


Nutrition to Ease Pain & Inflammation and Enhance Sleep

Foods have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease pain and inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and foster deep, quality sleep. In this conversation we’ll talk about the body’s response to food and how you can naturally diffuse the flame. Additionally, you’ll learn the importance of sleep, nutrition and lifestyle factors to promote sleep, and how to design an evening and bedtime routine to prepare you for a quality night of sweet slumber.


Stress Resilience + Overcoming Anxiety

ANXIETY is everywhere. Our fast paced, overwhelming world has created a culture where anxiety is commonplace. Anxiety is considered a disorder characterized by excessive worry, uneasiness and apprehension. But what if I told you that energetically, anxiety is a deep part of you that wants to awaken, come on line and be realized? What if you could shift your mind and realize that experiencing feelings of anxiety actually means you are on the impetus of growth as a spirit being?  We can call it energy or spirit, science refers to it as energy and spirituality refers to it as spirit, but they are one in the same and it can work with whichever way you can relate.  We are spiritual beings ultimately here on earth to awaken to our truth. The real question then, is how do we shift what we feel and use the uncomfortable, often debilitating, feelings of anxiety to the realization that there is an awakening wanting to occur from deep within?


Better Sleep with Chinese Medicine

Chronically disrupted sleep can affect many aspects of our lives. A focus on improving the quantity and quality of our time asleep is an important pillar of Lifestyle medicine. This talk will explain how acupuncture and Chinese herbs can improve insomnia by describing common diagnostic patterns and treatment strategies based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Self-acupressure sequences will be introduced in an informative and supportive setting.


Men’s Health

Though men and women have many of the same health conditions, there are unique diseases and disorders specific to men. Often, these are seen as taboo and not to be talked about in public. Men can be left to feel isolated, with little support to connect with others to talk about their common health issues, and usually just given medications to take for the rest of their lives. Our society also often demands strength and resilience in men, including in times when men are vulnerable and unable to perform at their best. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are lifestyle choices you can start making today to help you live healthier and happier, become more resilient, and rise to the occasion. It’s time to take back your health, and be able to enjoy all of life’s pleasures.


The Benefits of Aromatherapy

While the use of essential oils has been around for hundreds of years most of us do not have a full understanding of how they work or how to use them. In this Thrive Talk we will break down the pathways essential oils go through to affect change in our bodies. With thousands of essential oils and blends out there it is hard to know where to start. Breaking down the 10 botanical families will help you choose the right blend for whatever you’re looking for and show you how aromatherapy can help you on your lifestyle medical journey. Starting  with the basics of blending essential oils everyone will make an epsom salt together with a custom blend formulated specifically for you. I hope to see you all there!

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