Recover at Thrive

August 10th, 2021




3 Effective Tools to Promote Muscle Recovery Between Workouts

Massage Gun- Known as NBA’s secret weapon, The Theragun® is an emerging tool for athletes all over the world as it provides the perfect ‘fascia fix’. Our therapists are trained to use this tool strategically within your custom treatment plan while it works to loosen tense muscles, relax tendons, improve mobility, and more!

Normatec® Compression Boots – Warmup and recover like never before. The Normatec Boots use dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that is shown to increase circulation and help you feel refreshed faster.

Cupping- An ancient, holistic form of alternative medicine that applies vacuum pressure with cups to lift the connective tissues away from the skin. So, tight muscles are softened, toxins are released, blood flow is brought to the tissues, and much more.

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Lee believes that we all need to take personal responsibility in our health and wellness, but from time to time we need to rely on the expertise of others to get there. He likes to be the one to help close that gap for people so that they can take it from there and continue doing what they love.

He has been working since 2002 in various outpatient orthopedic physical therapy sites treating those including athletes, weekend warriors, post-surgical ortho patients and people with everyday wear and tear injuries.