The Postural Restoration science (known as "PRI") gives us a leading edge in evaluating and treating the human mechanical system and provides us an objective framework to looking at human movement and postural balance. We look for patterns of abnormal torque and strain throughout your axial frame and identify any asymmetries contributing to the skeletal imbalances which could be causing your symptoms (pain, limitation, headache, etc).

Our clinic’s commitment to this additional post graduate certification process helps us effectively treat and educate patients dealing with various injuries and pain - to include but not fully exclusive to: various causes of back pain, sacroiliac instability, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, hip impingement, hip labral tears, spinal disc injuries, degeneration, difficulty breathing, asthma, costochondritis, scoliosis, various shoulder injuries, shoulder blade or rib clicking/pain, headaches, TMJ/TMD, neck pain, and much more. 

To begin treatment, the therapist performs an in-depth biomechanical assessment to identify any postural asymmetries and biomechanical problems across the pelvic girdle, hips, spine, rib cage and shoulder complex. With PRI, the attention is taken off the extremities and placed on the axial structures, most importantly the thorax (ribcage/sternum), pelvis (sacrum), and cranium (sphenoid). 
This type of detailed analysis helps our team determine an accurate diagnosis of any underlying structural issues that may be contributing to the patient’s symptoms, explaining why patients have different combinations of symptoms and often multiple sites of pain or discomfort. Postural patterns during standing, sitting, sleeping and work activities will also be evaluated to see if habitual tendencies may be contributing to any identified pelvic, spine or rib cage asymmetries. 

Treatment with Postural Restoration consists of manual and non-manual techniques, patient education, biomechanical counseling, and exercises to re-education one’s postural frame. Certain muscles need to “turn on” if they are not working correctly, and other muscles need to “turn off” is they are hyperactive and over firing. Emphasis is placed on specialized corrective exercises and activities, and ideal compliance is built around patient education, home exercise and self management program. Instructions on how to shift and position the body correctly during standing, sitting, sleeping or work activities will also be a part of the home exercise program prescription.

Depending on how patterned the patient is, depends on how many times they may be treated in the clinic. Typically we see patients once a week progressing them to once or twice a month, until their biomechanical tests become balanced, stable, and at low risk for re-injury. Our goal and passion is to empower patients to be able to self manage their bodies. However, everybody is different, and some patients do become lifelong clients, and need to come back regularly for check ups and tune ups as needed.

We have developed a system for categorizing neurological patterning and this offers clients an objective framework for understanding how much hyperactivity or instability they have. For some people, the neurological patterning is too choric, intense and/or their lifestyle is contributing to the ailing pattern at which their postural system is adapting. With an integrative team, we can help maintain balance, keep symptoms at bay, and prevent further damage. 

Julie Blandin leads our team and is the only Certified Provider in the area who has extensive training in the Postural Restoration Science. Julie gets to travel nationally and internationally for the Postural Restoration Institute to teach a newer PRI course designed to assist Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Strength Coaches, Sports Medicine Professionals, and movement enthusiasts principles in restoring tri-planar function and core performance in order to optimize athletic durability and performance longevity.

If you think you've tried PRI before with another provider in the area, we encourage you to get re-evaluated by Julie. PRI is not a Science you learn by just attending a weekend continuing education course. Julie and the THRIVE team have spend nearly 10 years dissecting and analyzing the Postural Restoration Science. By incorporating Postural Restoration with other modalities, behavioral modifications, neurophysiological progressions, and interdisciplinary care, we offer the highest level of Restorative and Performance Physical Therapy care in Hampton Roads.

Postural Restoration is a form of Advanced Physical Therapy and may be covered by most health insurance plans including Tricare Prime. We do proudly serve our Active Duty Military as we are the ONLY certified Postural Restoration Center in the region. Learn more...

Thrive Proactive Health is one of only 60 clinics in the country fully certified by the Postural Restoration Institute to offer this advanced level of education across our entire team of providers. 

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