We believe that people need to MOVE! Movement is life - when movement is compromised many systems of the body begin to deteriorate and slow down. 
We want to encourage + help people move well and often - with biological and biomechanical systems intact + structure and function balanced.

We encourage our clients to seek professional guidance with exercise and movement, and we would greatly benefit  to meet you, learn what you do, and how we can help more people move and think with improved clarity and efficiency.  

Teamwork is one of our core values. We can make recommendations to best pair up our clients with our Partners and we would like to work with you to help more people enjoy life with improved mind and body connections.

Some of our clients need your professional expertise to develop a transitional program, allowing them to return to exercise safely after an injury and rehabilitation process. Additionally, we understand that you may have clients that are experiencing pain, injury, or movement dysfunction that is preventing them from giving 100% during the training session. This may also include clients who seem to take longer to recover from an intense workout and have difficulty returning to exercise due to increased soreness or muscle fatigue.

We specialize in helping people move well and reduce forces, torques, compression, strain, stress, etc. on various muscles and joints which often lead to injury, degeneration, and imbalance. We will help you, help your clients move safely through exercise and daily movements in an efficient and effective manner.


Our unique combination of skill sets and personalization around the client will take them to new heights. Our partnership program will allow us to integrate the science of optimal human movement with performance training with experts in the community that believe in optimal movement health and mental performance. We believe that together, we can help our clients excel more in their everyday life, sports, business, and fitness. 

We look at the mind body connection systematically and can objectively identify the root cause of client’s limitation, pain, plateau, or difficulty in performance –as well as the patterns of stress and behavior contributing to the concern at hand. We have the skills and services to keep clients properly moving through tri-planar motions, however, we do not offer any kind of regular personal training, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, Crossfit, or an other kind of exercise, professional fitness, or movement class. Additionall we do not offer other professional services like Medical/Physican care, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, and other alternative therapies