Julie Blandin is an industry leading Sports Rehab and Postural Restoration Specialist with over 16 years of experience in the fitness and sports medicine industry. Through her diverse education background and willingness to explore the unknown, Julie has developed an extensive and unique postgraduate skill set to offer you a holistic perspective on injury rehabilitation, prevention, and maintenance. Her career started off as an Athletic Trainer working with various athletes and sports teams at Saint Francis University. She studied various fitness trends and became a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and a certified Pilates Instructor before she graduated with a Physical Therapy Degree in 2004. Julie has held various practitioner and management positions in both small practice and corporate physical therapy outpatient clinics throughout our region of Hampton Roads and Central California. In 2008, Julie devoted and shifted her post graduate focus to the study of Postural Restoration and aborted many traditional therapy techniques in the quest to learn an advanced science that offers even the toughest patients some if not complete relief.

Fusing the science of Postural Restoration with other manual, neuromotor, and movement therapy techniques, Julie’s expertise bridges the gap between rehabilitation and performance. Julie’s practice style focuses on holistic approaches to injury recovery, management, and prevention and she understands the integration involved in the continuum of care associated with treating athletes and patients of all ages.

Julie has the skills necessary to not only treat common injuries efficiently, but also has positive outcomes treating the chronic and complex cases that puzzle many other health professionals. All of her patients receive a personalized and thorough evaluation before being treated. Julie is a strong believer in that “what works for one patient, may not work for another.” She believes in individualized programs, and is committed to listening to her patients and looking beyond their pain to treat the root cause of the problem. She will look at your injury differently and offer you a holistic perspective to help you achieve your goals and desires.

As a natural communicator and educator, Julie’s passion to share her knowledge and spread the word about the Postural Restoration science has led to numerous speaking engagements on the east and west coast. She has been a featured presenter on Strengthcoach.com, Sportsrehabexpert.com, and Movementlectures.com. She also is an affiliate course speaker for the Postural Restoration Institute and teaches a course titled PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement Course. This opportunity has her traveling all of the country to present to various rehabilitation and performance professionals to improve their application of the Postural Restoration science.

Julie sets high standards for the THRIVE Team and has a vision for providing therapy and wellness services beyond those offered in other therapy clinics. She strongly believes in an integrative team approach, and believes together a team can meet the needs of the community. With Julie’s leadership, the culture of THRIVE promises to never become lazy and will be always growing and adjusting to the ever changing demands placed in health and fitness industries.

On a personal note, Julie’s interests include traveling, boating, attending sporting events, country concerts, and spending time with her friends, family, and husband who serves as an Officer in the United States Navy.