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A form of alternative medicine that works to relieve muscle tension, release toxins, encourage blood flow, and more.

Thrive — Acupuncture

Cupping is an ancient, holistic form of alternative medicine. This treatment applies vacuum pressure with cups that lift the connective tissues away from the skin. By doing this, tight muscles are softened, adhesions and scar tissue are loosened, toxins are released, and blood flow is brought to the tissues.

Can you benefit from cupping?

  • Get Relief From Pain
  • Decrease Muscle Tension
  • Increase Mobility and Flexibility
  • Enhance Quality of Sleep
  • Improve Muscular Balance
  • Accelerate Muscle Recovery

Specific Services

Signature Cupping
60 min at $89 (BY APPT ONLY)

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30 min at $49 (WALK-INS AVAILABLE)

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Our Specialty Techniques

Thrive — Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping

A variation of cupping that incorporates the use of fire/heat in a painless way to alleviate chronic pain and other health conditions. This kind of cupping incorporates a degree of warmth with the flame that adds additional benefits, such as opening the chest and lungs, halting migraines, and alleviating cramps.

Thrive — Glass Cupping

Glass Cupping

Glass cupping offers holistic benefits similar to Acupuncture. Movement may be applied to the cups to stimulate and restore the flow within the body.

Aromatherapy can be added to this service for no extra charge.

Thrive — Wet Cupping

Wet Cupping

This treatment aims to relieve stagnation and eliminate ‘bad blood’ or ‘old blood’ so that the body can create new, fresh blood. It also works to remove congestion, relieve tense muscles, promote quicker recovery, and increase range of motion. Wet cupping is a form of decompression, which is a great tool for those that are very tight with large muscles and a lot of hypertrophy.

Thrive — Functional Cupping

Functional Cupping

This treatment incorporates a formal screening assessment to determine the best position to get the fastest release and unlock specific muscle chains. The client will then be placed in strategic, functional positions while cupping is applied. This session works to restore specific movement patterns which may be limited during workouts, training, or everyday life.

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