Advanced Physical Therapy + Massage Therapy and Mental Performance Biofeedback at THRIVE is affordable. We encourage you not to let the cost of care deter you from taking care of your body and mind—it’s the only one you have!

Our bodies are mechanical in nature and with the right kind of care, they can get mechanically re-aligned, re-calibrated and re-balanced.  Think about your long term well being and Return on Investment (ROI). Cost benefit analysis studies show the ROI is anywhere between 5:1 and 17:1 when you take action to improve your health. 

All of our bodies need attention and maintenance to thrive.

If you are not paying for PROACTIVE HEALTH, wellness, recovery, tune ups or rehab - you are paying for illness, recurrent or prolonged injury, chronic pain, sickness, disease, or reactive health

For Physical Therapy, we can offer you fast pain relief, improved mobility and function and an understanding of WHY your pain developed. We aim to fix the mechanical failure contributing to WHY there is joint pain, headaches, excessive muscle tension, or decreased mobility. Helping patients get to the root cause and understanding how the problem developed is our specialty. Because we treat the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms, most of our patients see significant results in 2-3 visits with injuries that conventionally take 8-12 visits with traditional physical therapy. 

When minor injuries or pains are left unaddressed, they can often lead to worse problems and cause more expensive diagnostic tests, unnecessary medications, or surgery, as well as the loss of time at work and enjoying life with your friends and family. Delaying taking care of yourself always costs more money down the line.

If you don't have any insurance, or a high deductible, co-insurance, or co-pay or if we are not "in network" with your insurance do not worry, we are an affordable pay per service physical therapy providers and will create a customizable and affordable plan for you Depending on the complexity of your condition, your lifestyle and your goals, care plans average between 3-10 sessions. Evaluations and treatments, along with follow up and tune ups range between $69-$159 per session. 

About Health Insurance:

If you do have medical insurance we encourage you to call ahead and understand your physical therapy and preventative care benefits. If you are looking to file through your insurance, please remember you are fully responsible for your copay, reaching your deductible, and any services not covered by your insurance.

We are in network with some insurances and you can call or email our office to learn more. Currently we are considered a Participating Provider for the following networks:

  • Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield 
  • Anthem HealthKeepers, Inc. 
  • United Health Care
  • Tricare Prime
  • Tricare Standard 
  • Cigna
  • Aetna PPO
  • Optima PPO 

We encourage you to call your insurance ahead - look on the back of your insurance card for the members phone number and call to ask these questions before seeking treatment:

  • Do I need a prescription from a physician, or preauthorization, for physical therapy?
  • What is my deductible and how much have I met so far?
  • Do I have a co-pay for physical therapy?
  • How many physical therapy visits does my policy allow per calendar year?
  • What portion/percentage of the bill will be my responsibility after insurance has paid?

We do offer a self pay option. For many of our clients with high deductible insurance plans and steep co-pays, this is a much more affordable way to go. We have put into place innovative alternative therapy options for you, so you can receive quality care without breaking the bank. 



We are proud to serve our military families and are participating providers for Tricare Prime and Tricare Standard. You must call to request Tricare authorization or request Thrive Proactive Health when meeting with your doctor. Since, we are the ONLY Certified Postural Restoration Center with the top biomechanical movement specialists in the region, active duty may also request to be seen at our civilian location off base for the speciality of Postural Restoration. This request must be approved by your Doctor and Command. We are happy to help provide consultation and answers to challenging cases not responding fully to traditional Physical Therapy services offered on base. Postural Restoration is a very specialized form of Physical Therapy & Physical Medicine Rehabilitation offering answers and solutions to complex medical cases that often stymie other providers. Julie Blandin is one of the highest trained Certified Professionals in the Postural Restoration specialty and teaches for the Postural Restoration Institute on an international level.