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Acupuncture and oriental medicine

Acupuncture is a 3000 year old healing technique of Traditional Oriental Medicine and the US National Institute of Health (NIH) has documented and publicized Acupuncture's safety and efficacy for treating a wide variety of health conditions. Acupuncture and Oriental Herbs brings another dimension of health and healing to help our clients RESTORE + REVIVE + OPTIMIZE their body systems and promote improved physical performance, mental function, and natural healing.  

Acupuncture works to treat and stimulate the balanced flow of vital energy through the body. This energy flow is known as "Qi" and is essential to good health. It flows through the meridians that make up a conceptual network of pathways through our entire body and is responsible for our overall wellbeing, self regulation and healing potential.  When the balance of Qi is deficient or obstructed, the body becomes vulnerable, diseased, imbalanced, and susceptible to illness or injury. It's the harmonious flow of Qi that allows us to feel positive feelings of health and vitality physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our Licensed Acupuncturist will review your intake and medical history and complete an exam which may include questioning, visual inspection, analysis of your pulse and tongue, palpation for sensitivity at various points and meridians to identify patterns of signs and symptoms of disharmony to be treated with Acupuncture or Oriental Herbs.

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Traditional Acupuncture

Acupuncture stimulates release of endorphins (the body's natural pain-relieving neurohormones) through the insertion of needles into specific acupuncture points to encourage self natural healing. Acupuncture points are known to affect chemical neurotransmitters in the body and more than 2000 points are connected via pathways and meridians which our vital energy "Qi" flows throughout the entire body. 

Treatment with acupuncture has been successfully documented in a wide variety of conditions. 

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Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture is stimulation of key points on the external ear surface which correlate with other areas of the body. Like our brainmap, the ear holds a microsystem of the body and fine details of the anatomical, physiology and emotional body can be accessed and influenced to promote health and healing of various organ functions along with eliminating symptoms of insomnia, depression, indigestion, addiction, inflammation, pain, headaches or migraines, and autonomic symptoms.



Chinese Herbology

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the primary modalities within the scope of Oriental medicine used to re-harmonize imbalances in the body. 

Herbology includes using different formulas and combinations of plants, leaves, stems, seeds, roots, minerals and more. They may be administered to the clients as teas, capsules, liquid extracts, granules, or powders.

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Hojun "Danny" Shin, L.Ac. + Dipl. O.M. 
Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist
M.S. in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Southbaylo University

Danny specializes in helping individuals with acupuncture and oriental herbs to promote their mental and physical health. Being influenced by his mother, also an Acupuncturist, Danny encountered Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in his early years. He is highly educated and completed trainings and mentorships in Korea, Los Angeles, Northern Virginia and Mutanda, Zambia. He is licensed in both Virginia and California and is a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine by NCCAOM and a Member of the Acupuncture Society of Virginia


To help our clients experience this wonderful modality we are offering introductory specialized rates:  $89 for an evaluation $49 for follow up visits. Package discounts are available.  A full Acupuncture session can be also added onto any additional service for $30, so you can get the holistic benefits of Acupuncture with Advanced Physical Therapy, Massage, Postural Restoration, or Mental Performance Training.

Acupuncture is covered by some health insurance plans. Our staff will help you verify your insurance benefits and then you may be responsible for a co-payment or co-insurance if required. Cash, checks, and major credit cards are accepted. 

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